March 2020: The lab welcomes new Boston University undergrads Sarah Anwar, Parth Patel, and Rashed Alananzeh! We are glad to have you join us!

January 2020: The lab is hiring a Research Technician, to begin in June 2020 at Boston University Medical Center. This is an ideal position for a current BC undergrad that is graduating in May and wants to work in a lab during their gap year while they apply to medical school. The position will consist of both research (studying microtubule dynamics and cancer, as well as the functions of genes associated with human intellectual disability disorders)as well as overall managerial tasks (including helping Laura Anne move the lab equipment/supplies from BC to BUSM). Please email Prof Lowery at with your CV/resume if you are interested (or if you have questions), by the end of January. 

January 2020: Our collaborator's paper was accepted to PLOS Genetics! Congratulations, Micaela and Sydney, for your great work and accomplishment as co-authors on this publication.

January 2020: Laura Anne moves to Boston University, and the lab will begin to transition to the Boston Medical Center. Grad students Micaela and Garrett will finish up their PhD work at Boston College during the transition.

December 2019: Micaela, Garrett, Eric, and Laura Anne all went to ASCB in Washington DC. Laura Anne was co-chair of the Cytoskeletal Dynamics Mini-Symposium and also presented a talk.

August 7, 2019: Our NSF-funded summer REU student, Jordan Thomas, gives an awesome talk at the end of summer REU Research Symposium.


July 28, 2019: Laura Anne attended and presented a poster at the Gordon Conference on Motile and Contractile Systems.   


July 26th, 2019: Micaela Lasser and Eric Snow attend and present posters at the SDB Meeting in Boston. 


July 25, 2019: Ashley Oh and Katherine Montas give excellent research talks at the BC McNair Research Symposium!


July 11th, 2019: The Lowery Lab has its annual summer lab retreat! 

June 20, 2019: Our PhD student Burcu Erdogan successfully defended her thesis!!  Congratulations, Burcu!  Here is Burcu's goodbye video that Laura Anne made for her...

June 10, 2019:  Our PhD student Beth Bearce successfully defended her thesis!!  Congratulations, Beth!  Here is Beth's goodbye video that Laura Anne made for her...


June 4, 2019: Our review paper, " The many faces of Xenopus: Xenopus laevis as a model system to study Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome," was accepted to Frontiers in Physiology. Congratulations to Micaela, Ben, Connor, and Fred for their great work!    


June 3, 2019: The lab welcomes NSF REU student Jordan Thomas, from Frostburg State University! She is here with us for the summer, working on the WHS project.

May 4, 2019: The Lowery Lab has its annual end-of-Spring semester party and we said goodbye to our many seniors - Rachael Cella, Fred Kim, Megan Selig, Annika Samuelson, Ally Magee, Connor Monahan, Tim Zaccaro, Ben Pratt, and Jack McNamara. We thank them for all of the hard work! See photo here.  


May 3, 2019:  Our undergrad Fred presented an amazing talk at the Biology Department Undergrad Research Day, and many undergrads presented posters! Congratulations, everyone!

April 2019: Laura Anne, Micaela, Ally, Eric, and Sydney attend NESDB in Woods Hole! See photo here. Ally presents a fast track talk and poster, and Micaela, Eric, and Sydney present posters. And congratulations to Ally for winning the "Best Undergrad Poster Presentation" award! Woo hoo! This is the 6th year in a row that a student in the lab wins an award at this meeting! See photos here.


March 2019: Our research paper, "Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome-associated genes are enriched in motile neural crest cells and affect craniofacial development in Xenopus laevis", was accepted to Frontiers in Physiology. Congratulations to Ali, Beth, Rachael, Fred, Megan, and Sangmook for their great work!


March 2019: Tom Hamilton, Annie Hamilton, and Kyle Bryant visit the Lowery Lab to discuss the importance of research on Friedreich's Ataxia. See photo here!


March 2019: Congratulations to Beth Bearce for being awarded the Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award for Graduate Teaching!


March 2019: Our research paper, "XMAP215 promotes microtubule-F-actin interactions to regulate growth cone microtubules during axon guidance", was accepted to Journal of Cell Science. Congratulations to Paula, Garrett, Annika, and Ally for their great work! 


March 2019: The Lowery Lab welcomes our newest undergraduates: David Martignetti, Chiara Rabeno, and Kathryn Giordano!  The lab also welcomes our new PhD graduate student, Rayane Dennaoui!  Welcome!!  


January 2019: Laura Anne was the Keynote Speaker for Boston College Inaugural Leadership Day.


January 28, 2019: Our research paper, "Characterization of Xenopus laevis Guanine Deaminase reveals new insights for its expression and function in the embryonic kidney," was accepted to Developmental Dynamics. Congratulations to Paula, Garrett, Connor, Jackson, Oliver, and Sangmook for their great work! 


January 28, 2019:  The Lowery Lab is now accepting applications for sophomore and junior students to join the lab. Please apply here!  Deadline for Spring semester acceptance is February 8th.  After that date, we will begin interviews for the top candidates.