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December 1st, 2018: The Lowery Lab has its annual holiday party! See photos here !


November 10th, 2018: Laura Anne competes in the Spartan Fenway race with a group of her cell biology students cheering her on!


November 5th, 2018: The Lowery Lab welcomes our newest undergraduates: Nick Burns, Liane Obaid, and Caroline O'Brien!


October 25th, 2018: The Lowery Lab welcomes Ph.D. rotation student, Melody!


October 16-20th, 2018: Micaela presented a poster and gave a talk at the American Society for Human Genetics on her research thus far! Congrats to Micaela for being selected as one of the top ten percent posters at the meeting and doing an amazing job representing the Lowery Lab!


September 3rd, 2018: The Lowery lab welcomes our first Ph.D. rotation students for the next 6 weeks: Alex and Rayanne!

August 12-15, 2018: Laura Anne gives an invited talk at the 17th Annual Xenopus International Conference in Seattle, Washington.

August 10, 2018: Members of the lab attend the Northeast Craniofacial Meeting, and Fred and Connor give Flash Talks.  Congratulations to Fred for receiving the award for Best Flash Talk!

July 20th, 2018: Laura Anne, Eric Snow, Ali Mills, and Beth Bearce attend the SDB Meeting in Portland. Ali presents a poster!


July 11th, 2018: The Lowery Lab has its annual summer lab retreat!

June 2018: The lab welcomes our newest members!  Ashley Oh and Katherine Montas are BC undergraduates, both in the McNair Scholars program.  Christy Abraham is a summer undergraduate student from Nova Southeastern University, here for the NSF-funded summer REU program.  Ivanna Lai and Molly Connors are high school students visiting the lab for the summer.

June 4, 2018:  Laura Anne gives a seminar at Tufts University.  Thanks to Mike Levin for hosting!  

May 30, 2018:  Laura Anne gives a seminar at UT Health San Antonio for the Department of Pharmacology.  Thanks to April Risinger for organizing a great visit! 

May 28, 2018: Our review paper, "The role of the microtubule cytoskeleton in neurodevelopmental disorders," was accepted to Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. Congratulations to Micaela and Jessica Tiber for their great work!  

May 11, 2018: Congratulations to Micaela for getting through her qualifying exam! 

May 5, 2018: The lab has its end of Spring Semester party, where we say goodbye to graduating seniors, Ali Mills, Kyle Lawrence, Eric Lee, Jessica Tiber, Quinn Coughlin, and Oliver Yan.  We will miss all of you.

May 4, 2018: Undergraduate senior Ali Mills won the Balkema Prize in the Biology Department for the Best Senior Thesis.  Congratulations, Ali!

May 4, 2018: Scholar of the College recipient, Kyle Lawrence, gave an awesome at the Biology Department Undergraduate Research Day!  And lots of undergrads presented posters!  Congrats to all for a great year of research! 

April 20-22, 2018: The lab attends the North East Regional Meeting for the Society of Developmental Biology.  Undergraduate senior Ali Mills presented a talk, and Paula, Burcu, Micaela, and SO MANY undergrads presented posters.  We had 19 people from our lab there!  Congrats to Ali for one of the best student talk awards!  The Lowery lab had another fantastic conference experience! 

March 9, 2018:  Laura Anne gives a seminar at the Whitehead Institute Lunchtime Forum.  Thanks to the Whitehead Postdoc Association for organizing a great visit!

March 1, 2018: The Lowery Lab (spearheaded by Beth, with help from many others) organizes a Lowery Lab Dance Party to celebrate the tenure news! 

February 26, 2018:  Laura Anne gives a talk at Bentley University Colleges Against Cancer Program, about her research funded by the American Cancer Society.

February 23, 2018:  Laura Anne receives a call from Dean Kalscheur - she has been awarded tenure!

February 4, 2018:  Laura Anne is the faculty speaker at the BC Order of the Cross and Crown induction ceremony.

December 2, 2017: Many members of the Lowery Lab attended ASCB in Philadelphia.  Beth, Burcu, Garrett, Micaela, Paula, Ali, Ben, and Eric all presented posters.  Burcu and Paula also gave fantastic talks!  Laura Anne co-chaired a Neuronal Cytoskeleton Subgroup Session for the 3rd year in a row. 

November 2017:  The Lowery Lab welcomes our newest undergraduates, Luke Murphy and Eric Snow!

Sept 19, 2017: Laura Anne presented her tenure talk for the Department of Biology at Boston College!  Thanks to everyone who attended!

September 12, 2017: The lab welcomes new undergraduates Jessica Bolduc and Mitchell Lavoie!

Aug 26-29, 2017: Laura Anne presents a talk at the Xenopus Emerging Technologies and Resource Meeting at MBL, Woods Hole.  Post-doc Paula Slater also attends this great meeting!

Aug 23-25, 2017: Laura Anne is a faculty "sweep" at the BC Halftime Retreat at the Connors Retreat Center in Dover, MA.

Aug 21-22, 2017: Post-doc Paula Slater and PhD student Micaela Lasser both present talks at the BC Biology Dept Retreat at the Connors Retreat Center in Dover, MA.

Aug 20-22, 2017: Laura Anne is a guest faculty instructor at the Xenopus Imaging Workshop at the National Xenopus Resource center at MBL, Woods Hole, MA.  PhD student Beth also is a TA for the course for the entire week.

July 30-Aug 3, 2017: Laura Anne and Beth attend and present posters at the Gordon Conference on Motile and Contractile Systems at Colby-Sawyer College, NH.

July 28, 2017: Laura Anne has been appointed the ASCB Ambassador to Boston College.

July 14-16, 2017: Laura Anne attends the Society of Developmental Biology Meeting in Minneapolis.  It was a great conference with lots of amazing science!

July 11, 2017: Laura Anne presents a research seminar at University of Minnesota. Thanks to host, Gant Luxton, for a great visit!

June 28, 2017: The Lowery Lab holds its 5th Annual Lab Retreat!   

May 9, 2017:  The lab welcomes honorary undergraduate Dmitriy Lapin to the lab.  Dmitriy will be doing research in Laura Anne's post doc lab, the Van Vactor lab at Harvard Medical School, but will also be participating in the mentoring environment of the Lowery Lab. 

May 6, 2017: The lab has its end of Spring Semester party, where we say goodbye to graduating seniors, Jackson Bowers and Laurie Hayrapetian.  

May 5, 2017:  Lots of lab undergrads present at the Biology Department Undergrad Research Day!  Posters are presented by all who attended the NESDB meeting, as well as Rachael and Megan.  Congrats to all for a great year of research!

April 27-29, 2017: The lab attends the North East Regional Meeting for the Society of Developmental Biology.  Laura Anne was the co-organizer this year.  Beth presented a talk, and Burcu, Garrett, Micaela, Jackson, Ali, Eric, Kyle, Quinn, Ben, and Yan all presented posters.  Congrats to Eric for receiving the top undergraduate poster award and Beth for receiving one of the grad student talk awards!  The Lowery lab had a fantastic showing this year!

April 25, 2017: Laura Anne presents a research seminar at Purdue University, for the Neuroscience and Physiology Seminar Series. Thanks to host, Daniel Suter, for a great visit!

April 24, 2017: Laura Anne was awarded the Reverend John R. Trzaska, S.J. Award, to the faculty member "who expanded the horizons, skills, and value systems of Boston College students by providing support and guidance outside of the classroom".
For photo at ceremony, see this page

March 8, 2017 - Laura Anne presents a research seminar for the Biophysics Series at MIT. Thanks to host, Iain Cheeseman, for a great visit!

February 6, 2017: Our lab's fourth independent research paper, "The microtubule plus-end-tracking protein TACC3 promotes axon outgrowth and mediates responses to guidance signals during development" was just accepted to Neural Development. Congrats to Burcu Erdogan for spearheading this project, along with Garrett, Andrew, Eric, Ben, and Erin for their essential hard work! And thanks to all the other undergrads and our lab manager Aleks for supporting these studies.

February 6, 2017: The lab welcomes new undergraduate students Alexandra Magee, Connor Monahan, Seung Woo Kim, Annika Samuelson, and John McNamara!

January 24, 2017: Congratulations to our undergraduate senior Laurie Hayrapetian for her acceptance into medical school at George Washington University!

January 17, 2017: The lab welcomes our new graduate student Micaela Lasser!

January 17, 2017: Laura Anne presents a research seminar at UMASS Amherst, for the MCB Graduate Program Seminar Series. Thanks to host, Jenny Ross, for a great visit!

January 9, 2017: Laura Anne presents a research seminar at Caltech. Thanks to host, Marianne Bronner, for a great visit!


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