Lowery Lab Holiday Party - December 2014

Lowery Lab Halloween - October 2014 

The Lowery Lab at our Summer 2014 lab retreat

Anna, Charlie, Patrick, Matt, Alina, and Sal (top row); Erin, Xiaolin, Laura Anne, Belinda, Beth, and Burcu (bottom row) at the Lowery Lab "End of Spring 2014" Party - April 2014

Lowery Lab Zeiss spinning disk confocal system - January 2014

The Lowery Lab entry for ASCB's We are Research contest - October 2013

Beth, Laura Anne, and Burcu at ASCB in Philadelphia - December 2014

Lowery Lab 2nd Celebratory Water Balloon Toss - in celebration of the acceptance of our first research paper to MBoC! - August 29, 2014

Lowery Lab Celebratory Water Balloon Toss on the lawn in front of Higgins Hall - June 11, 2014

Laura Anne, Burcu, Beth, Belinda, and Patrick at the Northeast Regional Society for Developmental Biology Meeting, Woods Hole, MA - April 2014

Lowery Lab Holiday Party - December 2013

Lowery Lab - September 2013

Alina preparing neural explants for culturing.

Lowery Lab's first lab meeting!

Funding for this research has been provided by the NIH, 
the American Cancer Society, and the National Science Foundation.