Lowery Lab Holiday Party - December 2014

Lowery Lab Halloween - October 2014 

The Lowery Lab at our Summer 2014 lab retreat

Lowery Lab "End of Spring 2014" Party - April 2014

Lowery Lab Zeiss spinning disk confocal system - January 2014

The Lowery Lab entry for ASCB's

We are Research contest - October 2013

Beth, Laura Anne, and Burcu at ASCB

in Philadelphia - December 2014

Lowery Lab 2nd Celebratory Water Balloon Toss -

in celebration of the acceptance of our first

research paper to MBoC! - August 29, 2014

Lowery Lab Celebratory Water Balloon Toss

on the lawn in front of Higgins Hall - June 11, 2014

Laura Anne, Burcu, Beth, Belinda, and Patrick at the Northeast Regional Society for Developmental Biology Meeting, Woods Hole, MA - April 2014

Lowery Lab Holiday Party - December 2013

Lowery Lab - September 2013

Alina preparing neural explants for culturing.

Lowery Lab's first lab meeting!