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lab meeting 0620.jpg

Lowery Lab Virtual Lab Meeting - June 2020 

holiday party 2019.JPEG

The Final "Boston College" Lowery Lab Party  - Dec 2019 


Beth and Burcu - first two Lowery Lab PhD students

to graduate and move on  - We miss them so much!

- July 2019 

2019 defense party.JPG

Team "Grosscon" forever - Garrett, Micael, Beth, Burcu  - at Beth's Thesis Defense - June 2019 

karaoke 2019.JPG

Karaoke to celebrate Beth's PhD defense  - June 2019 


Our last lab lunch before our PhD students

leave this summer!  - June 2019 


Lowery Lab end of Spring Semester party - May 2019


Lowery Lab at the Northeast Regional Society for Developmental Biology Meeting, Woods Hole, MA - April 2019


Tom Hamilton, Annie Hamilton, and Kyle Bryant visit the Lowery Lab to discuss the importance of research on Friedreich's Ataxia - May 2019

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